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Chemdawg Cannabis

Godfather OG

Green Gelato Weed

Fat Banana weed strain 

Irish cream weed

General Issues and Impacts 


1- purple chemdawg strain

purple chemdawg strain is made up of the little measure of indica-predominant hybrid that is presumably a blend of a Thai Sativa and a Nepalese Sativa. Purple chemdawg is a weed strain for creativity. Additionally, Its THC content is generally 26% and can be more than 32% THC! Its CBD content is within the range of 0.01% to 0.1%. Buy purple chemdawg cannabis strain

Purple chemdawg mainstream strain in the imaginative community since it has been connected with a creativity increment. The cerebral high offer is euphoric and pleasant, yet it doesn’t take long to create a seriously relaxing impact. Purple chem strain taste is referring to be an uplifting marijuana strain and is one to consider if you need an additional imaginative enhancement. 

Purple chem is frequently good to treat chronic stress and anxiety. despite the fact that its intensity ostensibly makes it more appropriate for managing extreme back pain, nerve harm, and muscle fits. 

purple dawg strain is accepted to assist with delivering melatonin, which would bring about a tranquil night’s sleep. Patients who are going through radiation treatment may likewise discover Chemdawg helpful for increasing appetite level. Chemdawg marijuana seeds for sale.

2- godfather og strain

Godfather OG weed strain is one of the World’s Most Strong Marijuana Strains. Godfather og strain Canada is one of the most grounded marijuana strains in the world; some say that specific cuts are the most strong you’ll discover. Godfather OG is an indica-predominant hybrid with a THC content of roughly 28% to 34%! With a CBD content in the range of 0.1% and 0.7%, plainly you needn’t bother with quite a bit of this weed to get high. Godfather og strain for sale.

Godfather OG strain is an intense and remarkable marijuana strain. Og godfather is a blend of OG Kush, Cherry Pie, and Granddaddy Purps, and has won the High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Indica previously. Users report feeling a solid cerebral high from the start with rapture fast to follow. Before adequately long, the indica component advances toward the body and gives you a feeling of complete relaxation. Godfather OG for sale@

The incredible impacts make Godfather OG a mainstream recreational strain, however, it is additionally darling in the medical marijuana field for its uplifting impacts. As it is so intense, Godfather OG could assist with reducing extreme pain. Buy Godfather OG THC. Godfather og strain near me.

Ultimately, godfather og kush could be to handle sleep deprivation, and it is likewise with an increment in appetite. Godfather of weed Canada. Godfather OG weed Canada.

3  – Green apple gelato strain ,

Green gelato strain is typically the Marijuana Strain for Users with a Sweet Tooth. If you need a taste sensation when utilizing marijuana, look no farther than Green Gelato. Buy green gelato seeds for sale USA

It’s anything but a somewhat indica-predominant hybrid that is a cross of Flimsy Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Dusk Sherbet. Both parent strains are known for their incredible taste, and Green Gelato has out how to keep the striking flavors. Buy green gelato outdoor.

Green gelato Leafly has a blend of sharp mint, warm cookies, fiery Kush. And the organic product is mouthwatering and may trick you into deduction it’s anything but an incredible strain. In actuality, with 27% THC and a low degree of CBD. Green Gelato will hit you hard with an uplifting high that prompts complete body relaxation and love seat lock. Green apple gelato strain.

The Green gelato strain is one of the best cannabis strains to emerge from the San Francisco Bay Region, and it very well may be a decent alternative with some restraint if you need disposition support. Buy high THC low CBD strains from

Green gelato calming impacts make it ideal for pain the board and furthermore as a treatment for a sleeping disorder. The major issue is that Green Gelato is delightful to the point that you’ll see it difficult to utilize it with some restraint. 

4- Fat banana weed strain.

Fat banana strain is a decent hybrid strain is a blend of two incredible strains known to be Banana and OG Kush. When the genetics of Kush is, you realize it will be a strong herb. fat banana is known for having a THC content of essentially 25% with a little amount of CBD. Fat banana Leafly offers a lovely banana aroma and taste, it ought to abandon saying that it’s anything but for newbies. Buy fat banana weed strain.

Everything necessary is a couple of tokes to send you into a different domain of cognizance. Users with a higher tolerance appreciate the underlying eruption of banana flavor before couchlock kicks in. Additionally, fat banana cannabis strain will give you a genuine instance of the munchies if you are conscious long enough for the cravings for food to produce results. Buy Fat banana OG strain.

Chiquita banana seeds uk is suitable for the late evening or before sleep time since it will deliver you practically stable with amazing pace. Fat banana strain is a smart thought to stack up on snacks on the off chance that you stay conscious through the munchies. However, be ready to transit into dreamland, which makes fat banana strain allbud strain a decent choice if you experience issues sleeping. Buy fat banana strain Indica or Sativa, Visit

5 – Irish cream strain.

Irish cream strain is typically a Marijuana Strain having a liquor tasting. The Irish Cream marijuana strain could help you in general about life. Buy Irish cream weed strain.high thc low cbd strains from Legitdrug.

The high noon weed strains ireland is an Indica-prevailing hybrid, yet its hereditary profile isn’t all around settled upon. Some say irish creme is a backcross of the Mighty Expectation, while others guarantee it’s a blend of The Genuine article and Cookies and Cream by a reproducer named Powerful Irish Seeds. 

Irish Cream is usually of an average THC level of roughly 16% to be more than 27% with a low CBD content. It gets its name since certain users guarantee a ton like the well-known Bailey’s cocktail; in spite of the fact that others propose, it’s anything but a dark and moist flavor. high THC low CBD strains.

irish cannabis high is incredibly physical and can leave you feeling very relaxed for quite a long time. Irish Cream is valuable as a nighttime strain since the impacts offers are relaxation and sofa locking that should assist you with getting sleep. After the Irish cream strain underlying euphoric cerebral high, your whole body will feel relaxed as your stress levels decline. Buy Irish cream seeds. high thc low cbd strains for sale from Legitdrug.

General Issues and Impacts 

If you experience the ill effects of chronic pain, or you need something to reduce your daily stress, a high THC, low CBD marijuana strain could be the appropriate choice. The entirety of the strains helps you relax and are best in the late evening. However, we suggest utilizing less strong strains if you are a beginner or probably your tolerance isn’t excessively high. 

There is some proof that incessant utilization of powerful marijuana strains could cause long-haul mental medical problems; essentially in people who are as of now predisposed to such conditions. In this way, we suggest shunning high THC strains through and through if you have a current mental medical problem, essentially until research recommends something else. 


If you need to utilize cannabis however are somewhat hesitant to do as such because of high THC levels. Essentially pick a less strong strain. Then again, settle on cannabis with a high content of CBD which could serve to neutralize any adverse consequences of THC including anxiety or paranoia increasing. Visit

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