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How CBD and THC Affects Pets 

With the rise of CBD and THC being used to treat common ailments and conditions for humans, it didn’t take long to make the pet connection. Especially considering many of the issues that cannabis can help treat, dogs and cats often suffer from too. Since research is still catching up on medical marijuana’s exact effects for even humans, the information on pets is understandably scarce. Which is why we’ve compiled the latest on how CBD and THC affect pets, and how it’s being used by canines and felines across the globe. 

The Difference Between CBD And THC 

CBD and THC AKA, cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol are compounds found in cannabis hemp and marijuana plants. Both interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, that both humans and animals have. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating and sending messages between other systems found throughout the body. With the goal of maintaining healthy internal balance, for optimal wellness or ‘homeostasis’. 

The receptors found in the endocannabinoid system is what CBD and THC, or ‘cannabinoids’ interact with. Uniquely, the specific chemical structures of CBD and THC deliver their own individual effects. Most notoriously, CBD does not produce a psychoactive or ‘high’ effect like its counterpart, THC does. 

This is one reason why CBD for pets is much more popular than the use of THC. Although, we’ll cover each cannabinoid for canine companions, next.   

CBD for Pets

The therapeutic relief of CBD is trending amongst humans for treating common conditions. Even more so with the aging community that has a harder time maintaining that healthy balance, due to an aging body. Pets are no different. Over time, or at any age, comes issues like arthritis, anxiety, pain, digestive issues, and on, and on. 

So pet owners are increasingly turning to CBD products in the same way. Here’s the top ways that CBD for pets is proving to be successful. 


Osteoarthritis is a highly common condition for dogs, especially with varied body structures, leg height and weights. In fact nearly one in four dogs suffer from arthritis with nearly 60% of all dogs showing some sort of sign or symptom. One study is already proving  that CBD can help relieve arthritis pain in dogs when given a specific dose, twice in a day. 


Whether naturally, genetically, or spurred by loud noises like fireworks…many dogs suffer from anxiety, like humans do too. The stress relieving and anxiolytic nature of CBD is showing success in treating for both in real-time success shared by users. Even though research is still underway for pets and anxiety relief, experts note that CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects may be to thank. 


Speaking of anti-inflammatory effects…the benefit of CBD is useful in another area that plagues many pets. That being, chronic pain. Specifically, one study showed that CBD helped dogs relieve from IVDD, intervertebral disc disease. A condition that is common across many specific breeds, like dachshunds, beagles, labradors, etc. A report published by the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association showed pet owners cited CBD most effective for pain relief and sleep for their furry friends. 


The power of hemp and CBD for seizures has been well-documented in videos across the news and sources like YouTube. So, the anti-seizure properties of CBD are just as useful for pets that suffer from seizures, too. There are many causes of seizures in pets, one of the most common being Idiopathic epilepsy. Early research is showing that CBD can help these specific types of induced seizures in pets. 

How to give CBD to Pets

Is CBD Good for Pets

Most CBD pet products are oil or tincture based. To make these products, manufacturers extract the cannabinoids from cannabis or hemp flower into carrier oils that are ideal for consumption and absorption. These oils and tinctures can be given as drops to your pet, licked by your pet, or you can soak your pets favourite dry food with the liquid. 

Most CBD oils for pets are unflavoured, but some go the extra mile in specially flavouring the tinctures to their natural cravings. Here are the top CBD products we’d recommend using for pets, whether a cat, dog even horses. 

Apawthecary Pets Bacon Tincture for Dogs

Creating Brighter Days™ Fortify Pet Tincture

Apawthecary Pets Seafood Tincture for Cats

Apawthecary Pets Unflavoured Tincture for Pets

Apawthecary Apple Cinnamon Tincture for Horses 

THC for Pets

THC for pets is highly debated as specific research into the cannabinoid and canines is conducted. From what we know now, most experts are saying THC’s toxicity at certain doses can cause a unique risk to pets and dogs. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it completely. The same experts even cite that it’s ‘exceedingly rare’ for pets to suffer from life-threatening effects from THC. 

If you’re using THC to relieve common aches and pains that pets can suffer from, here are a few symptoms to look for that may arise when overdosing – 

Cannabis for natural canine relief 

Even though experimenting and dosing correctly may be key, research is showing that cannabis can be a natural relief for canines, felines and animals in general. Basically, the way that CBD and THC is helping humans relieve from common conditions, is working for pets, too. If you think your pet could benefit from the soothing properties of CBD or THC, search our wide selection of pet products on