levo ii oil infuser

Buy levo 2  at www.legitdrug.com. THE NEXT EVOLUTION IN INFUSION Restaurant chefs and skincare brands have long revered herbal infusion as their secret ingredient. LEVO II Bundle is the first infuser to streamline herbal infusion from start to finish, meaning you don’t need to be a trained chef, beautician, or chemist to enjoy the benefits of levo ii oil infuser. From salad dressings to scented candles, there’s no limit to what you can create!

LĒVO II in the color of your choice
• 1 New Infusion Sprayer Bottle
• 2 Gummy Trays with Lids & Droppers
• 1 Green Herb Block Tray
• 1 Herb Press
• 1 Extra Power Pod (2 total)
• Inspired Infusions Digital Cookbook 
• Keto Meets LĒVO Digital Cookbook
• All items ship at the same time, including cookbook downloads

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.