3 kings strain


Buy king blue strain at www.legitdrug.com a low body high but a strong mental buzz. It comes rolling through with a strong snap of focus, followed by waves of euphoria. … The euphoric quality of the strain is effective in managing feelings of anxiety and muting negative mental states. Order Now.

 Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica THC: 32%.

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3 kings strain

First, Buy 3 kings strain from www.legitdrug.com. an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% Indica/50% Sativa) created through a cross of the classic Headband X Sour Diesel X OG Kush strains. This king og strain steals its name from its insanely gorgeous appearance.  Each fluffy oversized spade-shaped forest green nug is dotted with rich blue undertones. Covered with thick orange hairs, and completely blanketed in tiny blue-tinted white crystal trichomes. As you pull apart each sticky little nugget, aromas of sour pine and spicy berries are released, all wrapped up in a pungent earthy overtone that sweetens as the nugs are burned. buy legal weed online cheap.

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In addition 3 kings strain for sale from legitdrug. The flavor follows a similar profile. With a sour lemon overtone that is accented by spicy blueberries and rich earth upon exhale. The king kush high is just as delicious as the flavor. With effects that will have you feeling lifted and stimulated for hours on end. You’ll feel a tingly effect and a light cerebral pressure at the onset of the high that quickly transforms into energizing tranquility and an arousing physical buzz. With these effects and its high 12-32% average THC level, king og strain is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as depression, insomnia, headaches or migraines, appetite loss or nausea, and cramps or muscle spasms. legal marijuana dispensary.

king og strain

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