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Golden State Banana effects

30% THC
0.3% CBD



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First, Buy banana punch strain from at by Synergy California may be better known for produce like oranges and avocados than for bananas, but this Indica-dominant strain stands to change that. In addition, banana strain for sale from Legitdrug. A mix of Fruity Banana Kush and Ghost OG and offers smokers a tropical flavor to complement its deep mental and physical buzz. Golden State Banana’s THC content has been measured at levels ranging from 15% to an insane 30%. Click on “PLACE ORDER.

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 banana kush effects

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Also, banana kush catch the eye right away with their impressive size. These large nugs hold together in a chunky. Bullet-like formation and have a characteristically indica structure. Online medical weed dispensary. With a dense core. Click on the “FLOWER” menu. The small, tightly-coiled leaves area cross between mossy green and banana yellow and are wound through with curly orange pistils. Finally, a dewy blanket of amber-colored trichomes covers all visible surfaces of these buds. Ganja online order.

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When properly cured, banana punch strain gives off a mildly fruity scent that carries a faint whiff of banana. Closer inspection may also detect some sweet and borderlines skunky aromas. Grinding up these flowers, meanwhile, yields rich notes of pine and tobacco. Order banana punch weed strain When it’s combusted in a pipe or joint, banana weed burns with a smooth and herbal-tasting smoke; this smoke tastes fruity with hints of citrus on the exhale. Buds for sale online.

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3 reviews for banana punch strain

  1. Mason

    this strain quickly reminds me why indicas are the shit. Not only are all my muscles relaxing/releasing the tension, but as my body feels better, my mental health also seems to improve with a good-hearted outlook on life as time seems to slow down and nature takes center stage. Not a couch potato like others suggested….it just gets you so relaxed.
    want to savor your peaceful state =)

  2. Emile Esmée

    The flavor of Golden State Banana weed is imaginable when exhaled 2. The feeling of being tagged by a hard punch after about five good hits. A fine herb; solid as a rock, and totally covered in white crystals, PGolden State Banana weed with a couple of quick jabs to the forehead with the first 2-3 hits, then lands an uppercut with hits 4-5, to set this old beast back in his recliner thinking of ice cream. Strange, but true. Indica by heritage, Golden State Banana weed had me set back for approximately an hour, but then my wife snapped an order to clean out the cat boxes. Talk about ride awakenings. This task was accomplished under the influence of Purple Punch, with only one mis-scoop and a minor turd dropping, but a hard one, so no biggie. So in summary, Golden State Banana weed is strong enough, tasty enough, and visually pleasing enough, to make the cut into 5 Starland. Now, I must reload my pipe, for the cat detail took a psychological toll on me, and I’m in need of medical attention via the Golden State Banana weed

  3. Célia celeste

    The formation and color are astonishing, big, dense, flagrant purple and green covered in sugary goodness. The grapy tart-sweet smell is transferred from lighting up to clipping out. the smoke is smooth yet expansive if held for too long (cough) The (Pax2) vaporizer would heighten the levels of taste 100 fold and the head to body high has a serious transition as this double Indica dominant beauty can knock your head in and put you on your a$$!

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