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The DaVinci MIQRO is an attractive combination of size, features, performance, and price for the light user. Starting at $149, the MIQRO is a full-featured conduction vaporizer with great taste that’s small enough to get lost in a pocket or purse.


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The DaVinci MIQRO is the latest addition to the DaVinci family. Consider it the tiny brother of the DaVinci IQ. 33% smaller than its predecessor, the MIQRO vaporizer also bears fewer LED lights and weighs only 3.53 oz. Do not get intimidated by the tiny size, though; the MIQRO has so much to offer. Suitable for single-person usage, the battery life is a downside if you are sharing type. However, the battery is removable. So, you can solve this quickly by bringing an extra battery.


The DaVinci MIQRO comes with four modes to suit everyone’s needs; you are free to choose the way you vaporize. Plus, you may experiment with the features designed from the user experience. As the modes are curated with love by connoisseurs, you might fall in love with one or two modes among the four modes available in the MIQRO.

  1. Regular mode: The MIQRO allows personalized full temperature control ranging from 348°F to 429°F which you can adjust easily with the side buttons.
  2. Boost mode: The MIQRO will rapidly increase the device to the maximum temperature you set or to 429°F as you hold the button.
  3. Standby mode: This mode cools down the vaporizer. So, it will conserve both your precious herbs and your battery life. The MIQRO will then turn off after 2 minutes of idling.
  4. Smart Path™ mode


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