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75% – 80% THC
1 gram


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buy honey oil online at RSO is a high-THC oil that can be used in several different ways and for several different purposes. Thanks to its massive THC content, RSO is typically recommended for those with conditions that require a high dose of THC and for those who have a high tolerance to THC. order Now.

Plus, RSO is a sticky, gooey black oil that is almost tar-like inconsistency. You can usually find RSO packaged in syringes for easier oral consumption, topical application, and storage.

RSO’s therapeutic potential is boosted by the fact that it is a full-spectrum whole-plant extract that retains all components of the cannabis plant, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

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7 reviews for buy honey oil online

  1. Badrick

    The honey oil in here is unreal! So dank tasting

  2. Amandine Oscar

    Not a big high, but definitely the best one I had in a while. Doesn’t kick you down falling asleep and much more like a Sativa than an indica. Good to get in the mood of doing chores or getting creative.

  3. Angeline Ancelin

    It’s good if you want a mellow high. I enjoy just hanging out at home and relaxing.

  4. Aramis Armand

    Wowwwwww….. je viens juste de recevoir et je nai rien a dire sur le goût…. jai recu un peu plus que 1oz alors merci pour ces 3g de + …

  5. Aurèle

    Quality is good. A nice extract for the evening without putting you to sleep. The consistency was more a sugary powder, which proves to be difficult to handle on the go.

  6. Azacca

    I’d tried this CBD wax before n wasn’t impressed but this oil is legit. The honey make a big diff eve it’s almost like some good sauce

  7. Bailey

    I haven’t tried this in a rig, but it’s great in a vape pen. I use low temps always and this OG is super tasty in my pen. It Burns are nice and clean and gets me feeling right from just a hit or two. Great stuff

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