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Pink Kush ( indica )

Pink Kush ( indica )


Buy pink kush , you’ll feel light as a feather and wonder how many hours your high will last – hint, the answer is many, many hours. Keep in mind that this strain is known to create munchies that won’t quit, so make sure you have a kitchen full of food or at least your local pizza delivery chain on speed dial.


First , Pink Kush, is an heavy indica (80% indica/20% sativa) . Strain that gives a deadly couchlock and it puts the smoker away more than other heavier indicas. The Tom Ford high starts with a cerebral head rush a few minutes after toking that leaves you uplifted . And extremely happy with active tendencies and motivation. As this powerful high builds, you’ll slowly feel a creeping body buzz wash over you . That leaves you completely relaxed in every single muscle . Leaving you helplessly couch-locked and in a state of pure bliss.

Pink Kush for sale  ( indica )

In addition , Despite these powerful muscle-relaxing effects, Tom Ford surprisingly won’t leave you sedated in the least bit. As the high continues . And you’ll be eased into a state of utter relaxation with deep introspection . And spaciness that can cause you to become distant in social situations. Upon the comedown from the high Tom Ford pulls you into a deep and peaceful undisturbed sleep that lasts for hours on end . giving you the appearance of being unwakeable.

Also , When it comes to getting high, Pink Kush brings relaxation with a twist of happy giggles. Users will find that they are instantly taken to a euphoric headspace, as even the potential of a negative thought is far from the mind.

In addition  , As the high gets deeper and deeper, you’ll feel light as a feather and wonder how many hours your high will last – hint, the answer is many, many hours. Keep in mind that this strain is known to create munchies that won’t quit, so make sure you have a kitchen full of food or at least your local pizza delivery chain on speed dial.

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Pink Kush is an Indica-prevailing half breed that is comprise of both Indica and crossover strains in a proportion that favors Indica. While it is hard to check the specific proportion of Indica to Sativa strains, considers have demonstrated that the number deceives the tune of 90:10, in the kindness of Indica. These outcomes in incredibly solid remedial impacts and an unmatched euphoric high that different strains just can’t offer.


Pink Kush is known by a few names including Pink OG, Pink OG Kush, Pink Cadillac strain, and Pink Candy strain. The Kush cannabis strain was first show face in the US and advance into Canada during the mid to late 2000s. It didn’t take long for word to spread about its power.

Meanwhile, the specific genealogy of Pink Kush is cover in secret however the most noticeable conjecture is that it is gotten from the famous OG Kush strain. Pink Kush has incredibly high cannabinoid content and furthermore has high convergences of terpenes, for example, linalool and limonene. This makes it the ideal contender for alleviating and quieting its end clients.


Pink Kush gets its name from its noticeable buds that are pinkish or purplish. The vast majority would depict the appearance as tastefully satisfying since the plant brags and exhibits energetic tones including greens, pinks, and yellows. The thick layer of tacky gum gives it a to some degree chilly look. The leaves are dark green while the pistils have a yellowish tint with pink specks. Pink Kush strains develop at a size of around 120 cm in height, a short plant that you can fit anyplace.


Pink Kush is basically an OG Kush that has been chosen and settle for its exceptional fragrances and impacts. It’s a 100% Indica strain that fulfills perfectionist cannabis lovers. It radiates fascinating vanilla flavors and initiates intense highs.

Positive Side effects

By and large, Pink Kush will leave you feeling unfathomably ravenous. Ensure your storeroom is load with profoundly satiable nourishments since you’ll be requiring them for what is to come (the munchies!).

Pink Kush prompts a consistent condition of euphoric high among clients, disposing of all negative contemplations from the psyche. As the intensity of the high gets further and more profound, clients will feel lightweight – as they dump the world’s weight directly off their shoulders. This impact can keep going for a few hours.

Pink Kush impacts can possibly incidentally diminish uneasiness manifestations in low portions due to its High content level of THC.

Also, Pink Kush is essentially use to treat different ailments in patients experiencing persistent agony. As referenced before, Pink Kush is ideal for use with restless people since it causes them to rest by cleansing all the repressed mental mess. Individuals experiencing persistent misery may locate a short relief from their condition after a couple of smoking meetings with Pink Kush.

Pink Kush is a profoundly fragrant bloom which makes it suitable as mediation for those experiencing sickness that may recapture their appetite for food.

Importantly, Pink Kush can maintain a user-inspired state where they may arbitrarily blast into attacks of giggling. A higher dose of Pink Kush will make the client nod off, regardless of whether they’re experiencing an extraordinary condition of a sleeping disorder.

Pink Kush is utilize for its cerebrally euphoric impact on individuals. It permits clients to relax in the most upsetting of circumstances, inciting a quiet that will support even the most fomented individual to kick back and appreciate the high.

Negative Side effects

However, Pink Kush might be an awful decision for unpracticed smokers since it could prompt conceivably impacts on the body and may incite distrustfulness. Generally, you ought to have no issues smoking Pink Kush as its fan.

Pink Kush for sale

Pink Kush for sale at Highganja.com. this Kush is an Indica strain famous for its serious euphoric impacts and remarkable buds that show a mix of pink and purple tints. The  strain is utilize for an assortment of purposes, including recreational and clinical reasons. Likewise, for any individual who needs to rapidly manage stress and nervousness.

Buy Pink Kush Online

Buy Pink Kush Online at Highganja.com. Pink Kush is mostly beneficial to Clinical patients in light of its mind-boggling impacts on the human body . As it attempts to moderate agony, sickness, and headaches. Whenever utilized often enough, Pink Kush can conquer tension, apprehension, and elevated degrees of stress. Basically, it is simply the most ideal approach to quiet down.


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