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buy shatter online a highly concentrated cannabis extract typically made by butane extraction. Over the past decade, shatter has gained popularity among cannabis users for its glassy, photogenic texture and high THC potency. ( 1 gram for $20 )



buy shatter online.

Jungle Ridge Shatter

1 gram of premium shatter for $20

Here at, our high-quality shatter has great coloring and is glass-like at room temperature. More than that our shatter undergoes extensive quality control to ensure it produces a high-quality experience before we release it for sale. Ensuring that you only get the best from us.

How We Test Shatter – buy shatter online

Like all cannabis products sold legally in California, shatter must undergo testing by a third-party lab. Shatter falls under the category of cannabis concentrate. As a result, shatter must be tested for the following:

  1. ●     Cannabinoid profiling/potency
  2. ●    Pesticides
  3. ●    Microbial screening
  4. ●    Heavy Metals
  5. ●    Mycotoxins
  6. ●    Foreign materials
  7. ●    Residual solvents

Residual solvent testing is especially important for shatter since it’s made by solvent extraction. Similarly, cannabinoid potency labeling is also critical for shatter because it’s so highly concentrated compared to other cannabis products.


Since the early 2010s, shatter has been steadily gaining attention from both cannabis users and critics for its high potency. All shatter sold legally in California is subject to the same rigorous testing requirements as other cannabis products. Encore Labs provides comprehensive cannabis lab testing to make sure your cannabis concentrates are California compliant.

Can I buy weed online?

Without a doubt, you can buy real weed online. At, we’re to offer the best quality weed and the well-being of our clients, and that – basically – is the reason our real weeds are the best! 

Ultimately, there are over a hundred strains are accessible and available for purchase through our platform, all expertly developed and quality ascertain, why look any further? Visit, we understand the quality of real weed composition, and you no limit for your choice of selection. Our clients always feel great shopping with us, that’s why you should pick LEGITDRUG for all your weed selection.

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Animal Cookies, Jackwreck, Nebula, Sour Tangie, Strawberry Guava, White Lighting

3 reviews for buy shatter online

  1. Diarra

    this is the perfect strain for people who want to unlock their full potential… I was able to use 25% of my brain off of this. I even started writing my own book. before cereal milk, I couldn’t even spell. now I type 2000 words a minute and can sing opera. thank you for this gift.

  2. Adio

    Love this CBG oil

  3. Abisai

    A little different but in a good way. I like how mellow it makes me

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