cbd for sleep


Cannabinoids: [27 servings per bottle] Per Serving: 10mg CBD / 0.75mg THCA / 0.37mg THC Per Bottle: 270mg CBD / 20mg THCA / 10mg THC


cbd for sleep

First, buy cbd online at It brings your wellness to a new high.  Blending DOH-certified cannabis oil with powerful, clinically proven botanical extracts. Designed for clear-minded support. The Relief 300 series leverages its cannabis power off of a super-serving of CBD. And a micro-dose of both THCA and THC to catalyze and enhance the effects. CBD for sleep contains an uplifting, awakening terpene profile typical of Sativa cannabis. However, these terpenes also play a vital role in increasing absorption and enhancing effects. relief 250 tincture.

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In addition, Ingredients: Avocado Oil, Cannabis Concentrate, Herbal Extract Blend (Boswellia, Ginger, Turmeric), Cannabis Terpenes, Natural Flavor, Monk Fruit, Polysorbate. Cannabinoids: [27 servings per bottle] Per Serving: 10mg CBD / 0.75mg THCA / 0.37mg THC Per Bottle: 270mg CBD / 20mg THCA / 10mg THC.spasm relief tincture.

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buy CBD for sleep from legitdrug dispensary with organic cold avocado oil, one of the healthiest oils available. Avocado has received prescription drug status in France and is in Denmark as a food supplement for its anti-inflammatory effects. Non-psychoactive CBD & THCA along with all-so crucial micro-dose of THC is perfectly synergized with full-plant extract, select terpene profile, essential oils, and powerful safe & proven herbal extracts to provide maximum support while remaining clear-minded for the highest daily functionality. 

Finally, Fairwinds Cannabis is a multi-award-winning wellness company that leads the Washington State market. With solution-based cannabis products that support a higher quality of life. The company’s mission is to provide the world’s most integrative. And solution-based cannabis nutraceuticals. Using the highest quality ingredients and most sustainable production practices. At Fairwinds, we specialize in producing the highest quality cannabis products available with a foundation of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine philosophies. Our team of chemists, engineers, and MDs have dedicated themselves to empowering society with the tools nature intended.


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