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Criminal ( indica )

Criminal ( indica )



Indica Dom 

THC 28%

CBD 0.95%



Criminal for sale

Criminal for sale at Highlifeganja.com. this strain l is an Indica-weighty mixed pot strain that has been very mainstream at cannabis clubs in Barcelona for years back. It doesn’t look vigorously solidified, yet when you tear open a bud, the insides resemble geodes at times and are rich with thick areas of trichomes.

First , Criminal  is an indica dominant variety with large yields and a quick flowering time. She is derived from parent strains Critical Mass and Double Glock. The combination of these strains has resulted in improved structure and increased potency. The high is long lasting and stoning. It’s a superb choice when chilling out in the evening and conversing with friends. A soothing scent and flavour profile, produced by the terpene content, offers hints of fruits and sweetness.


Buy Criminal strain is a hungry strain and requires a fair amount of nutrients to grow. She is ideal for growers who want a fast turn around, thanks to her short vegetative cycle and flowering period. Indoor plants feature a flowering period of between 50/55 days. Outdoor plants will be ready for harvest during mid-September.

Also , this bud will have you feeling totally kicked back and at ease before you even realize what’s happening. The high starts with a cerebral lift, filling your mind with a euphoric sense that washes away any negative moods or racing thoughts almost immediately. A tingly physical effect comes next, sneaking its way into your mind before spreading throughout the rest of your body with a highly arousing and warming effect. This quickly calms the spirits, leaving you totally relaxed and kicked back with a sleepiness that has you dozing off.

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Criminal is an exceptional strain that is Indica predominant, with 28% THC content and a slight quantity of CBD as small as 0.95%. This strain incorporates huge yields and a brisk blossoming time.

Moreover, Criminal offers a relieving aroma and flavor profile, delivered by the terpene content, offers traces of fruits and sweetness.


Criminal takes its source from interbreeding two parent strains which are Critical Mass and Double Glock. Criminal got its essential attributes from the blend of the parent strains that brought about improved structure and expanded intensity. The Criminal strain conveys a high that is durable and stoning. It’s a magnificent decision when relaxing at night and bantering with companions.

Moreover, Criminal strain is a ravenous strain and requires a considerable measure of supplements to develop. The strain is ideal for producers who need a quick pivot, because of her short vegetative cycle and blooming period.


Criminal strain highlights attractive buds that are decently dim green with some consumed orange shading all through. Generally speaking, the buds are thick however springy, and albeit not tacky. Also, the user’s fingers will stink for some time subsequent to handling criminal weed.


Criminal creates sharp, harsh smoke that disturbed the rear of the user’s throat. It hacks in case you’re taking huge bong tears of this strain. Generally speaking, the smoke delivered is crisp tasting however gentle and without a specific taste or lingering flavor.

Positive Side effects

Criminal incorporates a shivery actual impact that is direct, sneaking its way into your psyche prior to spreading all through the remainder of your body with a profoundly stimulating and warming impact. The rapidly stimulating and warming impacts quiet the spirits, leaving users completely relaxed and kicked back with a lethargy that makes them snooze off.

In addition, Criminal bud makes the user feel completely kicked back and relaxed. The high beginnings with a cerebral lift, filling your brain with a euphoric sense that washes away any negative states of mind or dashing considerations very quickly.

Importantly, Criminal is a respectably strong pot strain that has some remarkable impacts. After 2 bong tears and a respite, the user will experience the high on the sides and top of the head. For some odd reason, it seemed like I was wearing a cap.

Criminal aftereffect high can spread and accomplished an all-around mixed harmony between a head and body buzz, on account of this current strain’s treating with Sativa.

However, the high created by Criminal keeps on cresting for up to 25 minutes in the wake of smoking, and goes on for around an hour and a half to 2 hours, contingent upon what you’re doing during that time. Eating doesn’t appear to diminish the high by much, yet practice certainly does.

Negative Side effects

Nevertheless, Criminal does not really have unfavorable side effects, but user might experience mouth and eye dryness. These can be easily resolved by taking large quantity of liquid.

Buy Criminal online

Buy Criminal strain online @ Highlifeganja.com. Criminal possess the best quality with its nostalgic bouquet. The aroma comparably sweet and zest and everything pleasant. Obviously, that is the smell out in the open, however, this impression disappears when the herb is really smoked.

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