fat banana weed strain


Buy fat banana weed strain from legitdrug.com. If you don’t like banana flavors then this bud isn’t for you, but those who are looking to take a walk on the tropical side of things should certainly give Fat Banana a try. It’s advised that this strain is reserved for night or weekend use only, as her effects have a tendency to get rather intense. Before you smoke, make sure to stock your kitchen and fluff your pillows, because it’s anyone’s guess which direction the night will take you in.

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First, Buy fat banana weed strain from legitdrug.com. Fat Banana might seem like a calm strain at first, as many users note that euphoria sets in right away but doesn’t feel too terribly overwhelming. Just when you think you’ve reached your limits of joy, it’s likely that your experience will shift to one that’s very body-heavy in nature. Tingles are said to be common and you’ll probably feel strongly sedated from head to toe. It’s at this point that one of two things tends to happen: you’ll either grab everything in your kitchen and eat to your heart’s content or you’ll go to bed. Some smokers end up doing both, but we’re not judging. Click here to order.

fat banana weed strain.

In addition, Ideal for more experienced tokers, Fat Banana averages at a 25% THC potency and makes your mouth water from the moment you see her. Each nug is oversized with bright orange hairs that stand out against a pale green background. Amber crystals are sticky and plentiful, letting users know that they’re in for a treat. While you’d expect robust banana flavor from a strain named as such, what most are surprised to find are the notes of citrus and earth that also make themselves known in the mix. Buy weed online.

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