platinum bubba strain

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Buy platinum bubba strain online from fett strain is an Indica-dominant cross between Bubba Kush and Black Russian. The resulting buds carry a sweet aroma with subtle fruit notes that produce earthy flavors of hash and pine. The relaxing indica effects calm body pains, stimulate the appetite and are known to sedate the body into a state of couchlock.

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platinum bubba strain

Buy platinum bubba strain from, high often takes several minutes to take effect. Up to 15 minutes after enjoying its luxurious smoke. Consumers may begin to feel many odd sensations as an increase in salivation. And a slight pressure or flushing in the face. Many may also experience trippy phenomena related to sensory perception. Including visual distortions of depth and a feeling of time passing more slowly. Buds for sale online. In these early stages, Black Bubba’s psychedelic properties can be intensified by media like moody music. Once the strain’s onset, smokers begin to notice the weight of its physical relaxation. Symptoms like weighty limbs and droopy eyelids may have some making a beeline for the closest comfortable surroundings. ganja shop.

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bubba kush strain is an Indica-dominant cross between Bubba Kush and Black Russian. The resulting buds carry a sweet aroma with subtle fruit notes that produce earthy flavors of hash and pine. The relaxing indica effects calm body pains, stimulate the appetite, and is good sedate the body into a state of couchlock.

Indeed, bubba weed is well such passive activities as binge-watching or solo reading. Any mental stimulation that the strain exerts is sure to be subtle, manifesting more as a kind of free association in the user’s stream-of-consciousness, rather than as an intense cerebral focus. It would be a mistake to take on Black Bubba before taking on a heavy workload or tackling a long to-do list. Instead, enjoy this bubba kush as you kick back at the end of a long day or week of work and be prepared for the outside world to recede into the background. It may go without saying that, due to its sleepy vibes, Black Bubba is best enjoyed during the evening or nighttime. Buy weed online usa cheap.

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bubba og strain for sale from Sedation can also be useful for many medical cannabis patients. It may temporarily take the edge off of certain symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. It can also soothe physical pain, whether that pain is temporary and injury, or chronic, due to conditions like fibromyalgia or lupus. Weed buds for sale online. bubba kush weed anticonvulsive properties may even counteract the symptoms of afflictions like restless leg syndrome. In the right conditions, this bubba kush strain can work against insomnia, lulling smokers into a deep and satisfying sleep. Because it is not known to induce intense, recursive patterns of thinking, this strain may be a good choice for patients who are prone to panic or paranoia. Buy real weed online. Check it out.

bubba kush strain

bubba kush leafly is available through several digital retailers. Once obtained, the strain can be grown indoors or out, although successful outdoor cultivation requires a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate. Cheap weed online for sale. Plants tend to grow short and bushy with strong lateral branches. Growers looking to bring out their crops’ blue and purple potential should briefly expose the plants to temperatures that are between 10 and 15 degrees below average. Bubba kush flowers within 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors. Order Now.

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Notably, there are presently a ton of diseases in that Marijuana can be good as Medication, thanks to researches done. Buy weed online usa cheap. It tends to be great for sicknesses with respect to queasiness, undesirable weight reduction and absence of craving, and nausea. Spasticity and torment are likewise some new diseases that clinical Marijuana can cure. Locate the weed store near you by visiting

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10 reviews for platinum bubba strain

  1. Sophia Amelia

    Personnellement, ma variété préférée, Bubba Kush (BK) offre un effet sans précédent par rapport à la plupart des autres variétés. À première vue, BK est merveilleux à regarder. Avec des notes de violet et de vert profond à l’extérieur du bourgeon, il devient d’un beau blanc une fois que vous allez plus profondément dans le bourgeon. Le goût est très difficile à décrire, mais il suffit de penser à l’air d’un champ de canne à sucre dans une forêt de pins. La sensation vous frappe en moins de 2 bouffées, qui semble commencer profondément du centre même de votre cerveau et s’étendre jusqu’à la plante de vos pieds. Une fois complètement médicamenté, l’utilisateur se sentira presque parfaitement satisfait de son environnement, essuyant presque immédiatement la mauvaise énergie d’une journée dans ce monde. Un effet secondaire négatif est que si j’ai tendance à surmédicamenter le BK, je suis devenu un peu anxieux, mais le sentiment est au mieux minime et disparaît généralement lorsque vous vous arrachez ou faites une belle croisière. Dans l’ensemble, je recommande vivement BK pour toute maladie ou à tout moment.

  2. Samantha

    Black Bubba kush and Durban poison two of my favorites make up this totally killer strain. I got this one as a shake bag (a very killer bag from legitdrug, by the way) and it knocked me on my butt! I’m a veteran smoker and it takes a quality flower to impress me, this Black Bubba kush wins first prize. No lie, Very pleasant smelling and tasting as well. Heavy cerebral stone, but good energy. Another tastee go-to strain, Highly recommend it.

  3. Isabella

    Smooth and strong. I have arthritis in my lower back and a moderately pinched nerve. Have tried probably close to 100 strains for the back pain. Most strains at least help, but seem to top out in the pain relief after a couple of hits, from there I just get more stoned. Sundae Driver seems to cap out way higher, were having another hit usually adds more pain relief. Sundae Driver 8 seems to be the magic one. Heading to TLC to get some more tomorrow!

  4. Evie. Sophie

    Like getting a brain massage on da couch omg…..?✌??

  5. Daisy

    Smelling of funky cheese, gas, and lemon?⛽️? Unique smell. I have a hard time describing this one, the best I can say is it’s like a haze with a nice dose of relaxing. If that makes any sense. All the things you love about a haze, but not that racing energy that some people find disconcerting. Still gives you an energy boost, but the relaxing is always there.

  6. Ruby

    I went blind 5 years ago and was told I will never drive again…. well I fooled them all because I am now a full-time SUNDAE DRIVER!!!!!!!!!!!! By far my favorite strain because it has many different “personalities” regulated by temp and method.

  7. Zoe

    *Purchased this in cartridge form, review based on that* I have a hard time choosing strains with severe anxiety & PTSD, usually sticking with indicas & hybrids. I had read & heard about this one, hoping it would work for me. So I purchased a .5 gram cart of Sundae Driver (from Liberty-Rockville) & I LOVED it. Very nice, relaxed, happy, no anxiety whatsoever & it did a great job on my back & leg pain. Perfect for that after work or wind down for the night smoke. Very potent too, I was pretty baked after 3-4 pulls & slept like a baby! Highly recommended for depression, anxiety, chronic pain, PTSD & insomnia. Score (0-10): 9

  8. Natalie

    The incredible strain is very “heady.” You think you’re unlocking the secrets of the universe, but you’re probably just staring at the wall.

  9. Bella

    Absolute top-notch strain. Had me sitting on my counter staring at my refrigerator for 2 hours.

  10. Harper

    First off I am not a smoker at all. I haven’t ever smoked in my 35 yrs of life; however, my panic/anxiety got the better of me when I, unfortunately, had no medication and I couldn’t get a refill. I was blessed with 1 drag of this particular strain and I have to say it changed my life. I now have my card and only smoke when I need it, maybe a couple of times a month. This strain does not make me feel high, paranoid, or out of it. Time goes by as normal, it makes me feel normal and gives me my life back.

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