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Purple Bubba is an intense indica derived from the flavorsome Purple Kush and the potent Bubba Kush. It has forest aromas with hints of berry and pine and a pungent, kushy whiff of fuel. The flavors of Purple Bubba are where this bud really shines, with lusciously sweet grape notes rounded out with a delicate hint of flowers. It Burns nicely to fluffy grey-and-white ash. How to package weed for mail.



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Buy Purple Bubba pre-rolls online, a  cross of two well-known Indica strains. Bubba Kush and Purple Kush. Given these potent genetics. You can be sure that a few puffs of this smooth. And fruity tasting strain will leave you stuck to your chair with an intense body high. According to reports, Purple Bubba can be beneficial for patients suffering from chronic pain, loss of appetite, anxiety, and insomnia. Buy legal weed online cheap.

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When it comes to potent strains, this one is certainly up there on the list. With a high of 25% THC that would knock most beginners off their feet. We’ll be honest – this bud is so beautiful that we’d marry it if we could, as light green and purple patches are seen beneath an almost silver layer of trichomes. buy pre rolled joints. Like a true member of the Kush lineage, grape, earth, and spices are all accented by a kush flavor and scent that lets you know exactly what you’re smoking. buy pre rolled joint.

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If all of that sounds great then you’re in for a real treat as we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet! Your high with Purple Bubba begins with a strong body sensation that leaves you stuck to your couch for hours. Buy weed online Canada cheap.  While that may not sound ideal, the way your body will be buzzing and tingling is actually quite pleasing. Alongside the physical effects, this strain offers a good deal of mental stimulation that will leave you feeling uplifted and joyful. Order weed online cheap.

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