how to ship weed

  • Make sure that the shipping address you provide is a residential or a company address.
  • Do not use a PO-box, Post-office, or pack stations as a shipping address. These addresses cannot be delivered to. Buy real weed online cheap.

how to ship pounds of weed

  • Make sure you provide a full name, street name, house number, zip/postal code, city, and country. (for addresses without postal codes, use 0000)
  • For delivery outside our geographical location, it is recommended to include your phone number in the checkout form under your address details so the delivery company can contact you if needed.
  • When the order is shipped the address can not be changed!
  • When you make an error in the shipping address, contact us as soon as you can to change it. After the order has been shipped, we cannot make changes. Your order will be returned to us and we can send it again after you pay the new costs for shipping it again. Visit our website.

how to get weed shipped from colorado?

  • When we receive your payment, you will receive a status update by email and your order will be processed.
  • Your order will be shipped the same or next business day. If the products you ordered are in stock
  • After the order is handed to the shipping company you will receive another email with a tracking code.
  • The provided tracking code will inform you about the estimated date of delivery of the package at your address or pickup location (in case you have selected UPS Access Point as the shipping method). How to order weed online cheap.

shipping weed usps

There is no indication on the outside of the parcel what the contents are.  The packages do not contain invoices, packaging lists, or instructions. These are only available in digital format. A copy can be requested at any time.

Note: When shipping cannabis outside of the EU, we are obliged to put an invoice on the outside of the parcel that has been generated by UPS. Grow kits and spores are mentioned as Student Mycology Products or Student Microscopy Set and the prices are ex-VAT / TAX. Customers outside the EU might be charged additional import rights and TAX upon delivery. Order Now.

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